March 2, 2010

Interview on!

Hey Guys!
My interview with Sigmate Studio just went up! Check it out!
Also, finished some new art recently adding to the Line-werk Icons: Phoenix. Sketches: Shaak- Ti, and Paleo-Femmes: a new Camarasaurus piece in graphite.
I'm planning on busting out a couple more pieces to make into prints before the giant convention tsunami that is April. (Don't freak out...don't freak out...) So hopefully a movie version Hit-Girl will just make it. I will also be trying to concentrate on more dinosaurs to be ready for when the ad in the next Prehistoric Times is published. I'm thinking the inkwerk section is going to get mighty filled up soon. Speaking of soon, the store WILL be going up, I swear! Until then if you need a print o' mine (and you know you know, nothing brightens up a study quite like the Rocketeer! or a giant Carnotaurus!) Hop on over to Comic Art House!
Well I gots me some work in the mornin'. Goodnight everyone!

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  1. It was my pleasure to put up your work on sigmatestudio Sara! :) Thought I should leave a comment but your blog is a nice read!