April 28, 2010

The Convention Marathon is OVER...for a few weeks.

Hey Guys! Thank you to everyone who came to say hi at the last bunch of conventions I attended. (C2E2 friggin' rocked! Can't wait for next year) Just came back from Pittsburgh Comic Con on Sunday/Monday morning and my GOD, that drive sucked.
So now I'm swamped with commissions (I have food moneys!) and I'm trucking through them. I'm also planning some stuff to get ready for big ol' Heroes Con in June. It's going to rock. I keep hearing great things about it and I'm so excited to see some people again that I only briefly got to chat with. You guys know who you are. Haha.
Anyway, first done on my list was the cute little kitty you see to your left. This was a portrait of a clients tuxedo kitty adorable extreme! Cat's are so much fun to draw.
Anyway, I also want to give a shout out to one of my best friends, Abby who's having her birthday tomorrow! WE....WILL....EAT...SUSHI!
Also, if you're around Manchester, NH May 23rd come say hi to me at Granite Con! Should be a blast!

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  1. Hey, man...Was an absolute pleasure meeting you in Pittsburgh. The Rocketeer prints you gave me are going up on the wall o' Rocketeer as soon as I get frames.Hope to see you again at Heroes come June.

    Hope you like the comics.

    Mikey W.
    Hate Your Friends