May 31, 2010


Hey guys!
Getting ready for Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this upcoming weekend! I'll have new prints for your purchasing pleasure. I'm really excited to go. There's a lot of people I want to catch up with and meet! Plus I keep hearing something about having to try a lasagna pizza. I'm pretty sure anything more insane than a lasagna pizza could make the world crack in half, but this mixture of foods might just be right on the line.....least they're both Italian. ^_^
So pardon me if I'm a bit jumbled and in super blonde mode at the convention, I'm moving this week as well as wrapping up a sculpt for Hasbro. I should go back to semi-sane mode the week after where I will be starting a new exciting project as well as probably busting out some commissions! (hopefully there's commissions, I gots a lizard to feed and his bugs start to add up $$) LOL.
I am also starting to become veeery interested in power kiting. Maybe I should try and purchase some health insurance first though....nah, more incentive not to f*ck up. :D As long as I don't mess up my feelers!

Anyway, I'm off, gotta pack tomorrow for a potential rainy move day. Wish me luck and hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!