August 23, 2010

Baltimore Comic Con!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry it's been so long between posts, I've just been holy-crap,-oh -my-god,-why-me?! busy. But! This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con! I'm super excited to see everyone. I have new prints, stickers, more sketchbooks and a pencil ready to sketch for you! (end business schpeel)

So yeah, in other news....Scott Pilgrim was amazing. I was really impressed with it and Edgar Wright can never go wrong....didn't mean for the pun: but it happened. I want to go see it again, and I will damnit!!

I did my first mountain launch in my hang glider last week off of West Rutland's launch site. It was AMAZING. The sun was setting as I jumped about 1400' out into Vermont's pretty pretty sky. I was really nervous I'd fall short of the landing zone so I pulled in a lot and sank a bit, but for 7 minutes it felt like the most lucid dream humanly possible. My god, It's weird cause it happened so fast it feels like it was a dream. I even got to be a human vulture and pull a 360 over the highway before coming in to land in the field. I can't wait to do it again, and in fall it should be really really pretty.

Anyway! Gots me some Zombie Bomb Pinup-age to get going on. Then more Hasbro work....then sending out promo postcards...then getting Baltimore merch packed up....X.X
Also! Check out my new Scipionyx Dinosaur bust I just posted. I'm sending it out to be molded and should have it ready to start shipping out mid Sept. I'll accept pre-orders! Just send me a message!
Stay Classy,

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  1. HEY! you met me in Gloucester and i finally got to check out your web site, i was the younger girl in well black, i really like your stuff, i showed it to some of my artist friends and they think your very good to! hahha well im off to check out more of your stuff...