October 11, 2010

Life after New York Comic Con

Hey errybodeh!
So Yeah, NYCC was INSANE! So....many....people! I heard attendance was up 105% Which again, INSAAANE! It was awesome meeting everyone who came by my table which was packed in the Inkwell Awards booth. Hopefully next year I'll be a little more accessible like at the end of Sunday when we kinda commandeered The Onion's booth when they packed up early. I met some of my artistic idols this weekend, and bought a ton of old Jurassic Park toys (I can now have my very own Jeff Goldblum adventures!) What a great convention ^_^
Oh yeah....HUGE thank you to Pat Covey. He asked me to draw something on the first page of his sketch book which he later took to Stan Lee to get signed and thereby 1+1=HOLY CRAP STAN LEE SAW MY DRAWING OF PHOENIX (melts into unworthy artistic goo)
Proof Above!! That's right kids, Comic Jesus' arm is resting on the page I doodled on. Effin crazy.
Also Chrissie Zullo, Thank you so much for the beautiful print! Your art is so wonderful !
Everyone should check out her blog here:

Next weekend I'll be in Boston at Wizard World New England. If you're around, come by and say HALLO!

Also! in unrelated news, I went hang gliding today after not going for a month because of schedule. (busy busy!) and after waiting most of the day for the wind to calm down I took 3 flights.
Flight one, I got to launch on the 450' site and just as I'm waiting for the wind to settle a bit, I see a kestrel fly to one of the wind indicators and land on it. Kestrels are my favorite bird of prey, I actually modeled the wing tattoos on my back after them and I helped train one a few summers ago at a wildlife rehab center in Ohio. They're tiny, and way way cool. Plus the only bird of prey (to my knowledge) that can hover. So anyway! as soon as it lands, the wind gets great and I take off. I didn't really get too much lift and landed pretty quickly.
So Flight 2:
Up on launch, wind's good, I a bit and then look down quickly to see the kestrel flying about 30 feet below me. I tried to keep on it's path and decided to say hi. So I kinda made my best hawk yell at it and it flipped up to look up at me and took off in the other direction. It was the coolest thing ever. I landed great after that and proceeded to tell everyone what happened, often telling people twice. Cuz my memory sucks and I'm pretty damn blonde.
Third flight, scary as shit. Shoulda launched when I head the kestrel in the trees but I waited and caught the worst cycle I've flown in. I sunk really close to the trees and actually almost got pushed back into the hill at about 300' up.....that section is very much covered in really pointy bueno.
So I got down, did a crap landing, but survived and now I am exhausted. I may go to bed but those True Blood episodes are so damn tempting.

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