October 28, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con

Hey people,
So it's my first time in California and so far it's been crazy amazing. My good buddy Eric Canete's being super rad and letting me crash with him (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) and took me on a magical journey to DisneyLand. Holy crap! I got a lollipop and micky mouse ears and sat in the front middle row of Pirates of the Caribbean and went on SPACE MOUNTAIN and the hauntedmansionwhichisnowallnightmarebeforechristmasanditookpicturesandthentheTEACUPS! O.O.......oh man it was awesome. AND THE MATTAHORN! Bwah!!! Awesome too!
So yeah, Long Beach Con tomorrow. I'm really excited. Should be awesome. So come say 'allo, Hi, 'sup or what have you, ya?
So yeah, watching How To Train Your Dragon again....My god I love this movie. :D


  1. sounds like fun, good luck tomorrow

  2. Thanks for the awesome sketch of Wally West! You are a goddess among artists!