October 5, 2010


Hey guys!
Sorry .....again....for the lack of posts. Been busy getting ready for NYCC.
I have new prints ready and hopefully some dinosaur resin kits...if the post office decides to ever get them to me. >.< Jerks. I'm really excited for NYCC. It'll be my first time exhibiting there. And I'll be at the Inkwell Awards booth....when I figure out what number that is I'll let ya know.
Also new sketch cards are going to be coming with me. Got some fun Scott Pilgrim and True Blood cards. ^_^
Hmmm what else?.....Not too much going on really just been drawing my face off. I'm planning my next resin kit as a gastornis (terror bird) chasing a primitive horse. So the illustration for that should be going up when I finish it...soon...hopefully.

Also! Next weekend I'll be at Wizard World New England! If you're in the area....come say hi darnit!

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