March 13, 2011

Convention Schedule Updated!

Hey Guys!
Been super busy puttin out work. WOO!
So just updated my convention schedule, and good golly I will be everywhere this year. Look for my new banner which is pictured to the left!
Also! Look for the Dangerous Divas set of sketch cards by Rittenhouse as I have about 100 cards in there somewhere. Also I'll be working on a Vampirella set. I will have cards in the set and also a few exclusives at SDCC this year.

Hmm what else??? Oh yeah!
I got some T-shirts made up that I'll have at shows.

And you can see some of my original paintings showing up at QUSQO, Pervuvian Restaurant in LA at the end of the month.

Oh! Also got a Daily Deviation a couple days ago on Deviant for my Cloak and Dagger Piece! That's #2. :)
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So, back to work I go. Gotta start working on my new sketchbook. You can purchase my current sketch book now up here:

Later guys!

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