April 29, 2011

Boston Comic Con!

Hey Everyone! Boston Comic Con is tomorrow! Woo! I should be in bed! Buuuuut I wanted to add one last post before I headed out in the wee I finished some sweet new pieces today that I wanted to share. I'll be doing sketches all weekend and even be on a panel for "Female Creators" Saturday at 11:45. Come check it out and watch me try to make a simple point in way to many words...its happens. I draw better than I talk. Haha!
See you tomorrow!


  1. I stopped by, the wolf & fox postcard caught my eye and I had to see. Then I brought my friends, we both bought 3 prints. Your work is amazing! I love the linework. I hope to see more of it in the future.


  2. Was cool seeing your work there today. My friend was absolutely in love with you