April 20, 2011

Support me on Talenthouse!

Hey Guys!
Just uploaded a design to's design contest for Kylie Minogue.
I'd be super happy if you'd support me by going to this links and clicking on the "support me" button! You'll be reminded when voting starts on the 12th!

Click here!

Also! Came back from Pittsburgh Comic Con on Monday. It was so much fun. I got to talk with amazing artists and even got to go to the Carnagie Museum. Dinosaaaaurs! I also found out about this really cool bird that has antlers in its wings. And it's called a screamer. I smell a new bird muse coming up.

Anime boston this weekend. I'll be cosplaying at this one only. Then it's off to Boston Comic Con the week after where I will have a table and tasty tasty merch. I'll even be in a panel on Saturday!
Come check it out, I'd love to see ya!~



  1. i wish i were still in boston...
    and of course i will vote for you if i can.

  2. How could I NOT support you Sara! Especially when there's a fellow Aussie involved too! :D