May 31, 2011

Getting ready for Heroes Con!

Hey Guys!
So! Getting ready for Heroes Convention this weekend in Charlotte NC! Currently I'm in the middle of moving back to NH which is making working very tricky....specially since there's no power on (till tomorrow) and then still no internets for a week to two weeks.....ehh. The Joys o' Moving. But! I'm pretty happy with my studio set up! Its gonna be cool and I'm thinking about getting one of those neat tea pots that are heated by a tiny tea light candle and getting a lilac tree in the studio too. I love tea and I love the way Lilacs smell sooooo yeah. Makes sense right? Plus I'll have my little buddy Charlie (mah lizard) hanging out in a tank I put right by my desk. :)

So yeah! I'll see you guys at Heroes! I'll be doing sketches, I'll have prints, shirts, and sketch books. oh and poostcards and stickers too! Please come check it out and help me make my 92 lb box I sent via fed ex much lighter for the way back home. haha!

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