June 7, 2011

HeroesCon and a contest!

Hey Guys!
So I got back from Charlotte, NC's HeroesCon! What an AWESOME show! EXCLAIMATION POINTS!! Anywaywho. Saw a lot of great people there, thank you to everyone who supported my art. Miss Chrissie Zullo (See her amazing work on the cover of the Cinderella comics and here!)
You were such a blast to hang out with! Scott Wegener and Brian Clevenger (Atomic Robo guys!) you are always a pleasure to sit next to! Eric Canete! Thanks for being such an inspiration and all around awesome guy. David Mack, you totally rocked my shirt!! Thanks man! Everyone was super great. And holy crap the food was fantabulous. My stomach wasn;t too happy with me after the second dinner at Merts, but whatev, Southern Comfort food is WIN.

Yuppers! Anyway, I have a new entry in a contest on Talenthouse. I would really love if you guys could vote for me!

I have Phillidelphia comic con in a couple of weeks, See you guys there!

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  1. I met Ms. Zullo at a Free Comic Book Day event. Her Zatanna is right behind your lady deadpool. I may have to buy a new book because nothing compares to that awesomeness.