June 20, 2011

Wizard World Philly!

Hey Guys! Thanks for probably my most successful show! I had so much fun and met a lot of cool people. (Plus that Karaoke party Brimstone hosted was a lot of fun. Hoping for more karaoke nights in the future, dude! I need to sing some Heart for the full effect. LOL)

So! Yeah! I'll definitely be going next year. Mr. Shamus, thank you for being a caring guy about your artists. That means a lot.

Also! This was just sent to me, Its a tattoo of a little owl sketch I did. Talk about super flattery ahoy. It looks so cool!! :) Thanks Mike!

So! Now it's time to get back to work! Wanted to note that I'm really full on commission requests at the moment so i have to close up accepting any more until the middle of August.
Thank you everyone who is supporting me!

Also also, Lloyd Bailey is designing the logo to my Paleo Femmes comic. Lets just say, it's so sexy-brutal, I love it. It'll be up soon, kids. If you're a young'n, cover your eyes.

Peace out! Work time!

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  1. beautiful art! That owl is adorable! I would have done the same thing.