July 25, 2011

Children's book officially announced!

Hey Guys! Yen Press has officially announced the picture book/graphic novel I'm illustrating for them at San Diego Comic Con this last weekend! So yeah, now I can officially talk about it :)
The link here will bring you to Yen Press' site, and a few bullet points down is "Kitty and Dino"

It'll be out in April of 2012, and be so cute you'll have to sit down to read it.

In other news, I went hang gliding this weekend and had my longest and highest solo flight yet. I soared up to about 1400 feet from the 450' launch and even beat out a hawk for height :) It was amazing. Can't wait to try for that height again, which doesn't happen very often off that hill. Even though all my other flights were not nearly as high or lengthy, I still learned a lot of soaring skills I didn't have the airtime for before. Then sunday went on a sailboat ride in Sunapee, NH with a glider pilot I'm pretty sure is a real pirate. LOL!

An awesome weekend, now i'm ready to work my butt off for more play time this weekend. :)
Saradactyl is on a roll!

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