July 19, 2011

Updated Sketch Card Gallery!

Hey Guys!
Finally got around to adding a sketch card gallery. So far I can show Vampirella and Dangerous Diva Cards, but this page will be getting more projects added soon.

Also! Super awesome news! The children's book I'm illustrating will be officially announced at Yen Press' San Diego Comic Con panel!

AND in other other news. Hang gliding started up again the other day! I had my longest flight off the 450' top o' the hill launch. If anyone is in the new England-y area, (or if not and are looking for an awesome vacation) check out Morningside Flight Park for a really unforgettable time. I love that place....mmyeaaah <3

Oh! hah! Had a workshop on sculpting Dinosaaaahs at The Field museum in Chicago too. It was a lot of fun and such a great place. Ended up checking out the aquarium since i hadn't in the 3 times I visited the museum, aaaand ended up winning free tickets inside (skipping a huge super sunny line) by answering the question of "What's the body of a jellyfish called" Well, the aquarium has fun facts on the way up to the entrance...that being one of by powers of extreme perception I ended up making it in to spend the rest of my 4 hours in Chicago before my flight that evening. Pretty sweet place....much harder to take reference photos there than at the Field Museum...since everything's you know...alive.

But back to working on commissions, painting pages, and coming up with designs for the Project Rooftop: Spidey Redesign. I got a couple neat ones :)

Next show is August 11-14 in Chicago!

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