September 5, 2011

Chicago! Toronto! DragonCon!

Hey Everybody!
What a crazy couple of weeks, Fan Expo was a blast and then went straight to Dragaoncon. What an awesome show! Now I'm crazy exhausted, but inspired!

Also! Just wanted to update everyone, I managed to get my Back To The Future Print signed by Christopher Llloyd and will be selling it at New york Comic Con with 100% of the proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Foundation! Come check it out if you're going! :) Also with the help of the dex-starr "hang in there baby" i've been able to raise about $500 for the Animal Shelter I'm volunteering at! There's going to be a lot of happy puppy and kitties!

Almost done with illustrating the kids book as well, it's going to be way cute! It'll be out next April. Aaaand hopefully more art to come. I'm also going to attach my favorite sketches I did at the last couple of shows. :)


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  2. We purchased one of your Dex-starr prints at Dragon*Con. I'm excited to get it framed.

  3. I don't see my Doctor Dino, I am saddened :(