January 26, 2012

New Muse, and getting ready for N'awlins!

So! Just finished this up yesterday to have a nice final piece to my art book I'm putting together. I'm considering making this piece an exclusive for the indiegogo I'm going to start up for funding the book. I'll keep you posted!

Tomorrow I'm leaving super early for Wizard World New Orleans. Super excited since I've never been there and I've heard so many awesome things about the city. Plus it's the first show of the year and I get to see some awesome people I haven't seen in a while. :D Unfortunately there's supposed to be craptastic weather tonight up till my flight leaves (figures today and tomorrow are perfectly sunny) so I'm expecting some fun delays. ughhhh....

But!! If you're going to the show, I have a bunch of brand new prints, I'll be doing sketches and will be happy to chat with ya!

As for today, finishing up last minute work and going to do some gymnastics...trick will be not to destroy myself too bad before tomorrow. haha! No blisters no blisters.... But dammit I need to learn to do a handstand on the uneven bars! I think i may try vaulting today too....hmmm...

Anyway! Peace out!


  1. Saw you at WW New Orleans and I love your art!! Hopefully you enjoyed the city and food. Unfortunately funds were low the sunday I went ( I wanted the full blown color sketch 100.00 ;) and I'm still kicking myself not getting a commission by you. I have been getting favorite artist's to do their take on Usagi Yojimbo, and would love to commission a piece very soon, Your art Kick's ass!!!
    Hope you visit again in the Big easy!!
    A new fan

    1. I'll definitely be back. I had such an amazing time!!

    2. I plan on attending a few different cons this year, so hopefully can get that commision, BTW, I like the nesting egg of the Avengers ;)