March 4, 2012

Back and ready to go!

Hey guys!!
Well! I'm back from an AMAZING week in Florida for my hang gliding get away. All the more reason for me to get a gopro camera now so i can actually have pictures instead of just posts about the awesome flying. But there were some cool guys at Quest that let me borrow some video equipment so hopefully something will pop up :)
Anyway, it was amazing. I've never experienced flying in such buoyant air. And lemme tell ya, flying with turkey vultures under you by only 15 feet is cool. Just as cool as watching the sun set at 1400 feet. Man I miss it already. I can't tell you how awesome hang gliding is and I urge you to try it out, people! And I don't want to hear that "I'm afraid of heights" crap, a lot of glider pilots actually admit to a fear of heights and still do it. :D

So I also wanted to let you know about a design I have in the Mighty Fine Avengers tee contest. It's this one!

I would really love if you guys would support my design and check out the other really sweet designs they have too at:

They have a Jem contest that I'm eyeing too. but I have aLOT to catch up on, so without further ado. Back to work I go!

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