April 24, 2012

New piece!

Hey Guys! Just finished up a commission of Ilyria and fred from Angel!  I looooove this show and Fred/Ilyria were some of my favorites characters. I want to do a Lorne piece someday :)
Also! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, trying to get over from being sick....therefore not having worked...therefore now i'm working my ass off to catch up. ALSO! Tons of conventions. Just did Boston Comic Con this weekend, and it was an awesome show! I was drawing all weekend. And thank you to everyone who supported me!

And my kid's book is out! "Kitty and Dino" can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!  Pick one up! :)

So I'll be at Free Comic Book Day at Double Midnight Comics from 11-4 and Harrison's Comics in the Mall of New Hampshire from 5-9. Come say hi!

Next show is Detroit's Motor City Comic Con May 18th-20th. I'll be doing sketches, selling prints and original pieces of work and up for good conversation! Huzzah! Now back to work with me whilst "The Tick" plays on netflix in the background :)

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