May 15, 2012

New Poster Design-sah!

Here are my two poster designs for's Marilyn Carino poster contest! She has such a wonderful voice and I was definitely inspired to paint up a couple posters for her. You can check them out here for the top design and here for the bottom one. And most bestly (it's a word now dammit!) YOU CAN VOTE on them (hint hint wink wink say no more!)

I would love to be a poster designer for bands so here are my attempts continued. My last design for the Foxy Shazam contest, while it didn't win, was picked by the band as one of their top 6 favorites. Totally fine with that!

So yeah! I'll also be in Detroit (or Novi, Michigan right outside Detroit) at Motor City Comic Con this weekend! Come by and say hello! I'll have copies of my kids book, Kitty &Dino and be doing sketches and selling prints and originals. Including these illustrations of the poster design!

Time for bed now. I'm feeling a bit burnt out. Did both these today and I feel I might've earned a bit of sleep.... If I can stop playing goddamned Tiny Zoo on my iPhone.....

Oh yeah! I got my lip pierced the other day. :) Aaaaand that's all. For now.

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