May 10, 2012

Oh Oiran!

Hey Guys! Well since I'm a glutton for punishment I've thought up a new series of paintings I want to do! Just finished the first piece tonight :)

"Oh Oiran!" The start of a new series I'm hoping to collect into a book combining the traditional oiran/geisha/tayuu illustration look with my style and modern accessories. Next to come, Oiran with a PS3 controller or blow torch....haven't decided what one yet. but I'm planning on a lot of them so suggestions are welcomed. I have a list of about 20 ideas so far!

Other than that.....trying to catch up on commissions and other deadlines after having gone to HOLY SHIT HAWAII for a week. :) It was amazing. Went to the island of Lanai and relazed, decompressed, swam with dolphins and had amazing food. Aaaand thought of this idea above :) Along with some other stories that I SWEAR WILL HAPPEN. Not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Oi! So! I'm contemplating putting commissions on hiatus unless you can really friggin wow me with an idea I might be easing down on the amount I take in so I can put out another book. begin subliminal message((Get Kitty and Dino on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles or your local comic store)) end subliminal message

Anywhoot. I'll be at Motor City Comic Con in Detroit this weekend doing sketches and selling prints (got some new ones including the bubble pipe geisha (not technically a geisha) above! Also I did the back cover of the convention program. Its all Batman-y :D

See you guys there, if not, see you soon at some point! Stay tuned and drink your Ovaltine!

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