June 29, 2012

Hey guys! Well I found this little thing called an Aquaboard and lemme tell ya, I loves it! It's like watercolor paper on masonite board. I was a little skeptical, but the paint sinks in nicely and there's no paper warp! So I'm going to take a walk around Portsmouth tomorrow and check out some galleries with my portfolio and these guys (or ladies) above. Wish me luck! I really want to try and do some gallery exhibitions. Also I'm on a big 1920s kick so these were fun regardless :)

I'm taking about a two month break from big conventions, My next being FanExpo in Toronto, then pretty much a show every week. But I'll be working on a a few card sets, some new illustrations, and possibly adopting a kitten soon! I needs me a little buddy. :D

Anyway, back to work I go, stay classy!

1 comment:

  1. Hope you come back to New Orleans Comic Con this year. The Kitty and Kiwi art is lonely, I think it needs a buddy!