July 25, 2012

New arts n stuff!

Hey Guys! So I got a few new pieces done today. Continuations of two different series I have going, the muses and Oiran: which you can see in the gallery section. The oiran is a little 5x5 piece and the eagle is 11x17. It's a Bateleur Eagle which eats friggin Black Mambas like it ain't no thang. know....ERMAHGERD BERD ERRRSSSS. (translation: Oh My! What a feat! Quite! Yes!)
Anywhooot, I also got a kitty this week. So I haven't been the most productive because every time I look over, there are big sad kitten eyes staring up at me.
He's a little bob tail I named Darwin, and holy crap he's a smart smart. O.o.....
Anyway, bed now so I can get up and make more pretties tomorrow. No rest for the wicked. Night y'all!

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