September 17, 2012

Poster designs! Please vote!

Hey Guys!
So I've been a busy bee working on some poster designs for a couple different contests on

I would love to start making poster design something I can really sink my teeth into, so I hope this will gain a little exposure! Plus I loooove Ellie Goulding. Sooo there's that. The other poster is for a concert that includes The Lumineers. The Ho Hey song is awesome.Hope you guys like these and also if you wouldn't mind using the simple Twitter and Facebook voting to help me out, I'd be most happy. Most happy indeed!

Vote for the Pink Ellie Poster here!
 Vote for the Blue Ellie Starry Poster here!

INgrooves Posters!
Pink INgrooves Poster vote here!
Sepia INgrooves Poster vote here! 
Blue INgrooves Poster vote here!


  1. This is probably a stupid question but... should we vote for one from each category or are all of them potentially usable in some way. I didn't know if it is pink vs. blue Ellie or if you could get both of them selected.