October 18, 2012

Wine Label Artwork

Well, I've always wanted to do some art for delicious, delicious wine. Yummers.
Everytime (which I swear is not often) That I peruse the wine section I am always drawn to the artwork on the labels and with Capital Grill offering an opportunity via contest to draw something up, hell yeah I took it. I had another design but its due tomorrow and I cannot humanly possibly get it done. Like...Unless I had a TARDIS. (Wish I had a TARDIS.....mmm) But! I'm REALLY happy with how this turned out. Actually to the point I don't want to part with the original. Hope you like it! I'll keep you posted!

Also! It was nice seeing everyone at New York Comic Con! I had a BLAST. Sorry about leaving the Death charity piece behind. I hope the Batgirl was just as cool. Though now that means I have a Death piece kicking around! Speaking of Charity, Thanks for the donations to the animal rescue charity I've  been collecting through a select print. I just donated $65 to help save animals from kill shelters through

Next show is the Non-Sports Card Update show in Allenstown, PA. this weekend. (I'll have a TON of cheap cards. Just trying to get them out to new homes.) I'll be Severly cutting back on cards ( like to just Perna Studios)  so this will be the last time to grab some APs from certain sets.

Also looking forward to New Orleans Comic Con. Just booked a couple haunted hotels! So excited! I love New Orleans and it was definitely one of my favorite shows last year. See you there!

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  1. I don't really drink, but if I saw a wine with a label like that I would buy 5 bottles.