March 7, 2013

Portland and Seattle!

What awesome shows! I had a lot of fun at Wizard World Portland and Emerald City Comic Con!
I signed up for ECCC for next year so see you then!

As for now, I'm catching up on work, lots of ponies will be involved and I want to get a few new prints going. Topics in mind being Merida from Brave (need a new Disney print. Ariel's being retired) Calvin and Hobbes and maybe even revisiting a Vash the Stampede print. Also...probably more ponies. :) Ponies ponies everywhere!

You can see my work in the newest Womanthology issue #5. I illustrated a 4 page story that's right cool. Also you can see my main lady, Chrissie Zullo's work in there too.

So yeah, Next show will be Boston Comic Con and right after Calgary. Sorry I'll be missing C2E2, until I find a less evil doppleganger I can't do two shows at once. (Bwup bwuuup)

New art to come soon!
Stay Classy THE WORLD.

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