May 2, 2013


Hey guys!
Sorry it's been so long, I've been up to the eyeballs in Ponies and a few other projects lately so time to post has been sparse. And most of the stuff I've been doing I can't show yet anyway! Soon though....sooon.

Anyway! I've posted this earlier on Facebook and Twitter and stuff but I realized I haven't yet posted this on my blog:

My kid's book, Kitty & Dino has been nominated for an Eisner!! I am so excited about this and really surprised. It's under the catagory for "Best Publications For Young Readers (Under 7)"
So if you are a comics industry professional or retailer you can vote here! I hope you could support me! You don't have to....there are some other really good books there....but you know....just'd make me quite a happy girl.

So! Yeah! Anyway! Back to work! Currently working on a cover of a table top game for Game Salute and some more Poh-nay covers :) Got a few shows coming up too. Hope to see you there!

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