June 20, 2013

San Diego Comic Con

Just an update that should've been posted a while ago...but since I'm all
I'LL SEE ALL Y'ALL AT SDCC! I'll be in artist alley EE-14. I remember it because it's the sound I made when I was able to go. EE!

I'll be offering prints, Sketches (just going to keep it to single character busts for $100) and I'll have an exclusive SDCC 2013 Sketchbook.

I'm also planning on having some Official My Little Pony Lithos with me and I'll be signing them at the IDW booth during the weekend.

I'll also have copies of Kitty and Dino which is Nominated in this Year's Eisner Awards! So we'll see how that goes :) I'll keep everyone updated.

Also Some members of STATION! Studios will be in at the show too. Follow our adventures on Twitter @STATION_STUDIOS and Facebook

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