September 2, 2013

Kickstarter My Heart!

Hey Guys!
Sooooo Been busy. Here's a Kickstarter campaign that just went up for a tabletop game called "Sangoku" that I've supplied art for. In the first day we are almost at goal! Push it to the limit and I'll draw ya into a card. Neato burrito. With Awesomesauce. (Don't forget the awesomesauce.)
You can contribute here! And there's Video!

Also Tomorrow is the last day to vote in a contest I'm in to potentially win a solo exhinit in Ooh La La Paris! Le OMFG. Please support me By Voting here!

So yup. Worked my tail off today so now I will in the style of Mech Warrior 3 commence shut down sequence.....shutting down....Zzzzzzz...

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