November 8, 2013

New piece!

So! It's bee such a busy time since NYCC! I went to Scotland pretty much RIGHT after the show for 12 days and had many crazy and unforgettable highland adventures, stuffed myself on haggis and added a new thistle tattoo to my arm. Also experienced driving on the other side of the road (curse you roundabouts!) met a very friendly pony on the side of the road and climbed inside a tomb after holding a 5000 year old human skull named Jock. If you ever get the change I can't recommend visiting Scotland enough, Edinburgh is one of the coolest cities and you feel like you are back in time. Plus! It's where Harry Potter was written so it has that too! I sat in the same cafe that J.K wrote a lot of the book. The bathroom graffiti there is the best. My favorite being "DOBBY ES UN ELFO LIBRE! Indeed.

So! Just finished this piece below for the Emerald City Comic Con "Monsters & Dames" submissions. It was a lot of fun! I was inspired by the colors from an outfit some model was wearing on (Where all my money goes)
The title is "He Likes To Eat Butterflies" and I really want to do a short story about these guys. Adding it to the mile long list I have going currently. Anyway! Back to work I go! Finishing up playing cards for Game Salute's "Sangoku" game currently. THE DEADLINES NEVER END!
Karaoke tonight will be good.

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