March 20, 2014

Album Cover!

Hey Guys!! So I'm really happy to announce I'm working on the art for the newest album from Sarah Donner. She's an amazing musician (Check out her site here!) and I was hooked ever since I heard her collaboration with The for the song and video "The MotherF*cking Pterodactyl" (Laugh your ass off here!) I've done her most recent tour poster and she was awesome enough to ask me to do the album art for her newest album "That Is A Pegasus"

This album will only be made, releasing awesome music to the world and allowing part of my dream to get into album art become realized if her KickStarter is successful. Right now in just a few days from being launched she's reached half of her goal. SO! If you are feeling generous and have a few spare $$ in your paypal that you just CAN'T figure out what to do with, please help us out! Plus she's got some great prizes for your donations. You can visit the KickStarter page HERE. It's got music pictures and joy. JOY I SAY. So yeah! Here's the cover, it was a blast to work on. AND YES WE KNOW ITS A UNICORN. (That's the fun part!) THANK YOU!

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