April 15, 2014

Attack On Titan

Hey everyone! So I'm addicted to this show. On my Facebook and other social media you can hear me jabbering away on how much I love this series. Maybe it's because I haven't seen a good anime in a while....maybe it's the crazy awesome story....or my love of the 3D Gear....I dunno. This show is AMAZING. So! I had to do some art of one of my favorite scenes. Seriously, even if anime isn't your thing. WATCH IT FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD. :D
I'll have prints of this "little" lady at conventions starting at C2E2 (I'll be at Artist Alley Table A-4) Probably wearing a Survey Corps  jacket...because Nerd Life.
Anyway! Cya there!
Also! The Sarah Donner kickstarter was successfully funded (imagine merengue dancers emojis here)  so I'll have some art gracing the cover and insides of her album. It's due out late 2014 or early 2015, I'll keep you updated!

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