May 5, 2014


It's a go! It's a go! (Ala "Let It Go"....guess what I'm currently listening to haha)
Just launched my new project via Tumblr. It'll be a blog collecting my fashion designs inspired by Pop Culture. I'm hoping it sorta kicks off and inspires fashion designers (for realz and at heart) to put twists on their favorite characters for cosplay and even open up the door for ladies to feel better about cosplaying dude characters (technical terms).

I've always loved fashion design and character design and nerdy stuff so here's the big threesome result of that. (ooh sexy!)

Every Sunday (HautePop Sundays!) I'll have new design(s) up! So follow via tumblr, or bookmark for some tasty eye candies. Below is a small sampling of what you'll find there. :)
I'll put up a folder in the galleries section too of all the costumes as well.

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