November 21, 2014

Covers and interiors for MLP!

Just wanted to post up the new cover that got release for the upcoming #28 issue of MLP. This will be the Cover B. And! The original painting is available in my store (link up top) along with the prelims.

Also in the new issue #25 that just came out, I have a Cover B and also a short 3 page story in the back featuring Zecora. Cuz she's amazing :) Give it a look see! Support the comic, for the dialogue, but you can see the art in my Sequentials section in the Gallery link up top.

More news….hmmmm I'll be going to Wizard World Portland and Wizard World New Orleans this year. I'll have an updated appearance schedule soon.

BLACK FRIDAY STORE SALE COMING UP! Yup, our society dictates that we all must have a Black Friday. And darn it so will I. (Cuz rent and everything…) I'll have the majority of prints that I carry at conventions up in the store starting Black Friday and for the week after. Then all the prints I usually don't post will be gone! Poof! And will only be able to be purchased at conventions.
Mark yo calendars!

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