May 18, 2015

A much needed Hautepopc design addition

Hey you guys!
Con season is in full swing and deadlines are a plenty!
So with one of my sketches from Motor City I can add this to my other site, If you haven't checked out my fashion blog, give it a look see!

I'll be at Denver Comic Con this weekend under the booth for PEACH BUN GAMES. it's near Artist Alley so you won't have to travel far to come find me :) BOOTH 563

I'll be at Phoenix Comic Con coming up soon too :)

More news in case you haven't heard, My DC Collectable Justice League tarot card set is coming out this November. It's gonna have a sexy velvet case  ((eyebrow waggle!))

Still doing subsciprtion covers for IDW's Jem and the holograms so keep and eye out for #3 coming out soon! I'll be happy to sign yours at a convention!

More ponies too! Keep an eye out for more dem ponies :)

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